Disclaimer: All webinars on the website are organized by our sister company, AMS Technology Pte Ltd

CoAssets Webinars

In 2020, we put together a series of webinars to allow our investors as well as all members of the public to learn and grow during the circuit breaker period.

CoAssets Webinar Series

We collaborated with Prof Koh Hock Kiat, the Founding Director of Heluo Institute and NTU Confucius Institute, for this series: Riding the Storm, Achieving New Heights (乘风破浪,再创高峰). Across multiple webinar episodes, our audience gained valuable insights on topics such as the business strategies of successful Asian leaders and how they can stay adaptable in times of crisis.

Webinar Excerpts

CoAssets x DWG Webinar Series

We collaborated with our partner company DWG for this series, -1 to Infinity. Across multiple webinar episodes, we allowed our audience to gain insights on issues such as the property market and real estate investments.

Webinar Excerpts