Dear Crowdfunding Investors,

We have been receiving a lot of queries from crowdfunding investors following the latest announcement on the CA Funding Pte Ltd (CAFPL) platform on 4 Jan 2021.

We wish to reassure investors that CAFPL is still operating and will continue to address all queries from customers, and service customers on their outstanding investments. Specifically, the services CAFPL will continue providing are as follows:
We are in the process of working out a business cessation plan. Broadly, the cessation plan will cover how customers can expect services (as stated above) to continue after CAFPL ceases business and we will share details before any cessation commences.

How are crowdfunding investors interests protected?

Rest assured that contractually, your rights as crowdfunding investors are protected. Specifically, Clause A of the security deed states that "Under the PN, Chargor is required to pay to the Payees (whether directly or through the intermediary) certain sums on or by the stipulated dates)."

Under Clause 4.3 of the Promissory Note, it states that "Payment shall be made by the Issuer via bank transfer into one account maintained with a local bank as may be notified by CAFPL to the Issuer. For avoidance of doubt, all of the Issuer’s obligations under this Note to any and all of the Payees shall be discharged upon payment of the relevant sums into such account. The Issuer shall be entitled to require presentation of the Promissory Note prior to payment. For avoidance of doubt, the obligation to pay under this Note shall only be deemed to be discharged upon the bank transfer having cleared and the amounts payable being received in the bank account notified by CAFPL on the relevant Payment Date, Early Redemption Date or other applicable date."

In short, this means that crowdfunding investors can expect to receive their repayments for performing projects even with the cessation of the platform. For crowdfunding projects that are performing, investors should expect to get their repayments in accordance to the stipulated schedule. For crowdfunding projects that have delayed repayments, CAFPL will closely monitor the situation and update affected investors accordingly. As we are still in the process of finalising our back-up service providers, investors should expect CAFPL to continue being the point of contact and we will update investors if there are any changes to the process of which investors will receive repayment.

Support for Crowdfunding Investors

For crowdfunding investors of PN notes facilitated by CAFPL and sold on CAFPL's platform (as shown in the table below), please contact or call: +65 8182 2216.

S/NPN NumberCompany
12017/124/201528411KKH Business Advisory Pte Ltd
22019/4/201818271KAFMI Pte. Ltd.
32019/6/201818271KAFMI Pte. Ltd.
42019/8/201819981CAtlas Culture Pte. Ltd.
52019/9/201819981CAtlas Culture Pte. Ltd.
62019/10/201819981CAtlas Culture Pte. Ltd.
72019/11/201543790ZFast Business Consulting Pte Ltd
82019/12/201543790ZFast Business Consulting Pte Ltd
92019/13/201543790ZFast Business Consulting Pte Ltd
102019/17/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
112019/18/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
122019/19/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
132019/22/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
142019/23/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
152019/24/201917233HAmazing Media Pte. Ltd
162019/26/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
172019/27/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
182019/28/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
192019/29/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
202019/30/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
212019/31/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.
222019/32/201929221EXperto Pte. Ltd.

Support for unregulated PN notes investors

For avoidance of doubt, PN notes for the unregulated CoAssets subsidiaries were not facilitated by CAFPL. PN note investors had previously indicated interests to know what the rest of the CoAssets Group was doing and had given consent for their information to be shared with the rest of the unregulated subsidiaries if any opportunities arose. Separately, CAFPL was also not involved in the recent sale of the unregulated subsidiaries. Hence, for investors who have queries on PN notes not facilitated by CAFPL and not sold on CAFPL's platform, please email

Best Regards,
Investor Relations Team
CA Funding Pte Ltd